There is no royal road to geometry, but there is one to geeky fashion: just wear this Euclid watch!

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Euclid Watch


In Euclid's Elements Book 1, Proposition 1, the geometrician stated that you can make an equilateral triangle with any straight line. The Euclid watch proves this proposition twice a day, every day!


Don't believe it? Just watch the geometric shapes of the Euclid watch dials as it spins round and round. It's the perfect watch for your beloved geek.

  • Dials are geometric shapes
  • Quartz movement with batteries included
  • Leather strap with metal clasp
  • Size (dial): 1-5/16" dia. x 5/16" D (7.3 cm dia. x 7 mm)
  • Size (strap): US regular men's dress watch 7-1/4" L (18.3 cm)
  • Lug size: 18 mm
  • Fits most adult wrists
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