Starboks Koffee by merimeaux

No. 2: “Giovanni, several years ago, we invested in a small, Celadon City-based coffee company. Today, Starboks offers premium quality coffee at affordable prices. Dee-lish.”
No. 2 gives Giovanni a cappuccino. Giovanni takes a sip, and unknowingly gets some of the foam on his nose.
No. 2: “Giovanni, if we shift our resources away from evil empires and towards Starboks, we can increase our profits five-fold.”
Giovanni: “No. 2, I make the decisions here, OK? I demand a little respect.”
No. 2: looking at the foam on Giovanni’s nose “Giovanni, you have a little of the…”
Giovanni: “Silence! I will not tolerate your insolence!”
Well, how else did you think Team Rocket was able to finance Jessie and James’ crazy schemes with a seemingly endless amount of money?…


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