Abducted Cow


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Abducted Cow by Naolito

Gertie the cow wandered away from the farm one night, and when she didn’t make it home by the next morning the farmer and his kin began to worry. They followed her hoof prints as far as they could, but when she crossed over to the city streets the family quickly lost her trail.

But that old farmer wouldn’t give up, Gertie was his best milkin’ cow after all, so he kept searching until evening came, and that’s when he heard the pitiful moos of a cow in trouble. Seems she was caught in some kind of tractor beam, but who, or what, would want to trap a cow in mid-air?

The world may never know, but if people see you wearing this Abducted Cow t-shirt by Naolito they’ll know you have a far out sense of humor!

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