Blue Raptors Tiki Room Creepy Cute Monster Island Vacation

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Blue Raptors Tiki Room Creepy Cute Monster Island Vacation by Nemons

Introducing This Nemons awe-inspiring Jurassic Raptor Dinosaur Tiki Bar design this is the perfect Creepy Cute Monster Island Vacation gift for any 90s movies lovers. Specially designed to bring together a tropical paradise with a prehistoric wonder. Escape to Hawaii and be transported back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Embrace the laid back lifestyle and carefree vibes of surfers from the Hawaiian paradise in this charming iconic raptor tiki which pays homage to Polynesian artistry. Perfect for surf fans and cocktail lovers with a unique sense of humor who are looking to indulge in tropical libations and soak up island ambiance. This good vibes design features hand drawn intricately carved details bringing out the character and mystic of the legendary Raptor. Featuring a hand drawn kawaii style retro monster and fun tropical typography, you'll be ready to hula hoop, carry those tiki torches or just watch the surf! So come, venture into our Jurassic raptor Tiki bar and immerse yourself in a realm where ancient creatures roam alongside island hospitality. Get ready to sip on exotic cocktails, sway to the rhythm, and let your imagination take flight in this one-of-a-kind oasis where adventure, relaxation and little bit of fear intertwine.

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