Bride Socks

When that piano music strikes up, accompanied by an angelic harp string strum, and everyone starts to sing “Here comes the…” they won’t hesitate to fill in the blank if you’re wearing these knee-high Bride Socks from Gumball Poodle. 


You can simply pull your fancy wedding dress up a bit, point to the big, bold text written on the side of these sporty socks, and tell everyone that you’re the BRIDE and you’re not going to accept single life anymore. 


On the other hand, they might make the second line of the song a little more confusing when people realize you’re not “all dressed in white,” but that’s their problem, not yours. After all, this is your big day, not a day to worry about who is or isn’t wearing all white.


  • Tube socks with big text: "Bride"
  • Fun knee-high socks for women
  • One size fits most
  • Machine wash cold, hang to dry
  • Material: 75% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Design: Erica Easley
  • See also: Groom Socks


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