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C is for Counseling by Coinbox Tees

Cookies seemed like a harmless vice, especially compared to those dark substance that is being smoked or sniffed by the monsters that lived in the alley, but after a while CM’s appetite for those sweet round desserts spun out of control.


His eyes grew googly, his mouth seemingly never stopped chewing, and he was prone to fits of cookie induced rage that turned him into a real monster, so Bird had to teach him a big lesson. 


He started out with the letter C, showing how that curvy letter helps spell out a way to curb addiction- counseling.


Help support CM's decision to get the help he needs, for counseling is the first step to a cookie free life!

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Ready to place an order? Visit us at https://www.neatoshop.com/product/C-is-for-Counseling or call (877) 632-8370 (or 1-661-298-1206 if outside the United States) M-F 10AM to 5PM. We'll be happy to help!



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