Choice of Regret or Rejoice?

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Choice of Regret or Rejoice? by Art by Deborah Camp
The curtains of the night open to reveal what has been concealed: a little girl embarking on her life journey emerging from a time portal. She will choose which path to take in life as the dichotomies of these paths reveal themselves in future projections. A “?” hovers above the split slide that she will embark upon as she throws the dice to reveal this splice. She is a blank slate awaiting her fate that lies within the hands of time clapping together with each passing second. One path leads to a churning storm of emotions of regret of the goals that she aspired for as a child before she was derailed onto this dark path if she had stayed true to her inner light. In her twilight years she sheds tears locked in her rocking chair. The journey has been lonely as she tried hard to follow her heart and failed. Her windows of opportunity have closed as she throws away her dreams. The cracks on the wall represent her shattered psyche as the purple shadow figures linger around as a reminder of her failures. Yet if she follows her heart to create art and persevere no matter how the opposition around her becomes severe, she will be elevated powered by her determination to keep going to unprecedented heights as the elevator opens up to release her into a world where all of her aspirations have come to fruition! She is a writer, illustrator, has her work in galleries and has made a rippling impact on society to inspire others to go towards their true calling! As she rocks in her whimsical rocking chair, she reflects on how she has gotten on this path where she feels at peace with her decisions. The blue figures all represent the various stages of her life where she discovered her iridescent inner magic of her spirit and decided to spread it all over the world.

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