Dueling Duality of my Reality by Art by Deborah Camp
A soul lives in the darkest and brightest moments with multiple silhouettes to tell the story. She is simultaneously elated rising and then falling into a dark despair and this is where she pulls her innermost creative thoughts from the rich interwoven experiences that weave together the tapestry of her life. The dismal side shows a melancholic world with the flowers of her mind withering away by the malicious words of her bullies that tried to tear her down as the venomous snake like plants try to consume her soul. Their negative words echo into the night in the corners of her mind as the nightmares begin. Yet, even so there is still a sliver of hope, a small thought hungry to escape into the real world to create art and touch the world with a rippling effect that started with a trickle of her emotions that started a tsunami of creative bursts of energy. With all of her friends and family’s encouragement, she gets ready to emerge from her cocoon of hopes and dreams as the balloons which represent her inner child help her rise. She cracks a smile of what she could become in this world. Her inner child rises from the peace sign wanting to create harmony between the negative and positive aspects of her being as they continue to duel. She now accepts both parts of her personality for it shapes who she is today.

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