Forever A Child At Heart

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Forever A Child At Heart by Art by Deborah Camp
Welcome home to the place that you’ve always known. A place where magic and creativity frolics wild and free just as the wildflowers that grow right next to the tree. It is the wondrous land of fairy tales that come alive as you close your eyes for this is the heart of my inner child. This heart beats to the tune of its own drum as it composes a nostalgic symphony of lullabies and giggles. This is an escape to yesteryear’s games of sports, jump rope, hula hoops, hide and seek and tag. A land where boats sailed in the air as your beloved stuffed animals and dollies came to life and took a flight around the world in your toybox beyond the planes of this space and time. They were powered alive by your boundless imagination and endless love. This whimsical heart has multiple symbolic ways to activate it via a pullcord, a red button, a wind-up mechanism, a light bulb and a plug. Which way would you choose to reignite the spirit of your inner child’s heart? Once reactivated, it bursts into all of the colors of the rainbow blending into one harmonious melody as the music notes skip from the trumpet and towards the ice cream to get their summer treat. A little girl at heart is going to play hop scotch towards the entrance back to childhood with her ticket. How did she obtain her ticket you might ask? She simply closed her eyes and replayed every detail of her childhood with so much lucidity that it has returned to her spirit. That jovial spirit of silliness, looking at everything with a renewed sense of wonder and an appetite to learn. Within the heart a child waves a magic wand to sprinkle these precious memories into the book that opens up to say “Welcome Home.” This is my home where my imagination roams. The 18 balloons represent each year of childhood as the little girl arrives with her invitation to the celebration. The sands of time have paused within the hourglass of her life as the movie reel spins with memories of her art and writing. It is the dawning of a new day; it is time to come out and play! Open the window and inhale the sunlight as butterflies flutter by taking their first flight. Those were the days of daydreaming and looking for shapes in the clouds of the sky and play in the park with your friends so long that you never wanted to say goodbye. Carousel horses gallop on a cotton candy cloud as you blow bubbles and enjoy the brilliant radiance of a rainbow reigning in the sky. The heart is uplifted just as a hot air balloon fueled by your memories from building blocks to cartoons. Do you remember flying a kite and riding your bike? I remember sketching characters that came to life in my little book, they felt so real I had to take a second look. Now as an adult I can let my drawings roam free, this is their eternal home for they have always resided within me.

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