Glass Elevator to Heaven

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Glass Elevator to Heaven by Art by Deborah Camp
The journey to heaven comes via a transparent glass elevator to transport all of the souls that have departed the earth at the same second. There are a series of elevators that come every second to pick up these souls to bring them to the other side that are invisible to our mortal eyes, but glimpses can be seen when we tap within our subconscious state of mind. This elevator may appear delicate and fragile, but it is made of tempered glass and sealed with the earth on the top and bottom. The doors of heaven open to await the grand arrival of all of the souls to welcome them to their final destination within an eternity of peace, for time stands still and is infinite in this ethereal realm. As they journey upwards each one gets to watch a playback of their life recorded to cherish the climatic good moments, reflect and learn from their darkest moments, and have the epiphany of what their life’s purpose was and how they have fulfilled it and the legacy have they carefully weaved over a lifetime to gift the world. Every chapter of their life has been carefully recorded and showcased in their life’s library. 86,400 departures of elevators come to earth each day, with 31,536,000 arriving per year.

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