Live Long and Prosper - Star Trek 4x6 Photo Frame


Kirk is always asking his chief engineer Scotty to beam him up from the surface of some far flung planet he and his away team have just finished exploring, and Scotty is glad to have his Captain back aboard the Enterprise safe and sound.


Commemorate this catchphrase coined by the legendary Captain Kirk with this Beam Me Up Star Trek 4x6 Photo Frame, featuring Kirk and the Enterprise in fine hand-painted detail with a textured alien moon background and a photo window in the shape of the Starfleet insignia. It’s approved for gifting to your favorite Trekker, or keep it in your quarters and let the intergalactic adventure begin!


  • Star Trek: The Original Series licensed photo frame
  • Features Spock and U.S.S. Enterprise
  • Starfleet insignia photo window
  • Fits 4 x 6 photo
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Sale Price: $26.95
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