Los Angeles Drive Club" - Vintage Scorpion Tattoo Art


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Los Angeles Drive Club" - Vintage Scorpion Tattoo Art by Nemons
Rev up your style with this hand-drawn tattoo style homage to the cult Driving movie by Nemons. This Mysterious Scorpion illustration, done in a vintage, distressed tattoo style, captures the essence of the gritty, 80s action movie set in the lit up-soaked streets of Los Angeles. Whether you're a fan of the movie or simply crave some iconic ink, this design is perfect for you. This design showcases a fierce and stylish scorpion, perfect for any stuntman, gangster, get away driver or just a movie fan its detailed design and vintage distressing give it an authentic, timeless vibe. Whether you're a lover of vintage tattoo art, or simply want to embrace the raw energy of Los Angeles, our "Los Angeles Drive Club" Scorpion illustration is a must-have addition to your collection. Drive in style, both on and off the road.
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