Mikey's Ninja Turtles Pizza Takeout - I like a little Hot Sauce - Retro 90s Comic


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Mikey's Ninja Turtles Pizza Takeout - I like a little Hot Sauce - Retro 90s Comic by Nemons
This Nemons Mikey's Pizza Delivery features a traditional pizza delivery box with a design inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The box is adorned with the traditonal vibrant colors of a New York italian pizza delivery. The front of the box mimics the classic delivery box featuring our favourite Turtle Michelangelo - the pizza loving teenage turtle. There is an image of Mikey, joyfully indulging in a slice of pizza. With his mouth wide open, ready to take a bite you'll be ordering a takeaway tonight. The pizza slice he holds is topped with cheese, pepperoni and of course don't forget the 'Hot sauce'. "I love a little hot sauce on my pizza." This quote capturing Mikey's peronality adding some spice to his tasty slice. This fun-loving design is great for your weekly Pizza night. This Mikey's Pizza Turtles design is the perfect 90's retro gift for any saturday morning cartoon loving skateboard fans and comic book lovers. It's sure to raise a smile or turn heads whilst you save the streets. Are you a pizza loving turtle fan that loves all things retro? then this is the design for you!
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