Mother Nature Craves Peace

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Mother Nature Craves Peace by Art by Deborah Camp
Mother Nature blossoms from the earth with her roots firmly planted in the ground to spell out what she has been seeking since the dawn of time: peace. She dawns a rainbow cape as the heroine of our planet and will help nurture our fragile land with the gentle waves of her hands. She will strive to bring a blanket of harmony and tranquility to heal the earth from its heavy toxicity. Her power is so tremendous and stupendous that she moves mountains as she summons the natural elements flowing from her hands towards the sky and land. It starts to rain upwards towards the skies above as she prepares to release 2 peace doves. Kintsugi gold cracks have formed in the mountains to repair the broken earth since before our birth. Fluttering butterflies ascend with their fragile translucent wings to propel the billowing winds of change. A seed of hope grows in the center of her hands to represent that we still have time to help our earth heal. Let’s all participate to see what progress we can reveal.

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