Panda Bear-d

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Panda Bear-d by Artstuff
Let bearded panda be your spirit animal

Combining cuteness and adorability with wit and wisdom, this panda beard art will bring you true zen enlightenment! Showcasing everyone's favorite spirit animal with a distinctly Oriental vibe, this wacky bearded panda art features a serene panda face complete with a cascading beard worthy of any Chinese master.

His eyes closed in reflection and meditation (or is he just digesting his daily intake of bamboo?) this bearded panda has a truly transcendental appearance. With a look taken straight from the misty mountains of China, this awesome zen panda artwork is as deep and meaningful as the teachings of a great sage. Profound as an ancient Chinese proverb, this panda beard art will be the yin to your yang and bring you inner peace and harmony!

Discover the meaning of spiritual enlightenment with this eccentric panda bear art - it's all there in black and white! Don't be bamboo-zled by the way of the Samurai; this cuddly, contemplative zen master panda will be your unlikely guide. Feeling philosophical? This cool bearded panda art is a whimsical way to showcase your beliefs and spirituality (or laziness and gluttony). As rare and unique as the giant panda himself, this funny panda face artwork is perfect for any mystic or martial arts master! Amusing yet insightful, this panda artwork design has esoteric allusions and an energy which flows just like the zen panda's beard.

The cool tranquil color palette, subtle stippled paint effect, and ethereal feel of this panda beard art will bring harmony and serenity into your modern chaotic life! Let zen panda show you how to take the time to relax, reflect, and muse upon the metaphysical.
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