Ptolemeic Watch

Down with Copernicus! If prefer to have the Sun and the Moon revolve around us, like during the good ol' days of Ptolemy, then this is the watch for you.


The Ptolemeic Watch has hour and minute hands shaped like our Moon and Sun, which revolve around the Earth in the center of the watch. Finally, YOU are in the center of the action.

  • Watch the Sun and the Moon revolve around the Earth to tell the time
  • Quartz movement with batteries included
  • Leather strap with metal clasp
  • Size (dial): 1-5/16" dia. x 5/16" D (7.3 cm dia. x 7 mm)
  • Size (strap): US regular men's dress watch 7-1/4" L (18.3 cm)
  • Lug size: 18 mm
  • Fits most adult wrists


Perfect for those who hates our current Copernican heliocentrism!

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