Rocket Science (Light Text)

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Rocket Science (Light Text) by TESLARATI
Remember when Falcon Heavy’s Rocket Boosters touched back down and humanity shared a moment that felt like magic? A surreal moment that was 10xed by the incredulous roar of the crowds... “And the Falcons have landed.”

Teslarati decided to design a shirt inspired by that feeling and dedicate it to the Rocket Scientists that feel like Magicians to many of us (even though their work is much more ingenious and profound).

The shirt features a very subtly placed formula known as the Tsiolkovsky Rocket Equation, named after Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The equation is known to form the basis of spaceflight engineering. And of course, we’d like to credit SpaceX for reigniting the excitement around space travel and being our muse on this one.
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