Space Roadster "Escape Velocity" (Silver w/ dark text)

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Space Roadster "Escape Velocity" (Silver w/ dark text) by TESLARATI
When Elon Musk proclaimed that the upcoming Roadster would have a 'SpaceX package' with "seamlessly" placed rocket thrusters to dramatically improve aero-efficiency and performance, the internet freaked out.

We took the liberty of not-so-seamlessly placing a rocket thruster on top of the new 2020 Roadster model. No, this rocket is by no means, to scale. Nor is it realistic, but let's be honest, neither are half of Musk's tweets and we love him for it. Here's to holding him accountable for his crazy ideas. 2020 can't come soon enough!

And as always, 100% premium ring-spun cotton, high-def print, ultra light-weight and soft and unisex fit that looks great on both men and women.
Sale Price: $24.95

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