Tinfoil Cat Hat


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Tin Foil Cat Hat - Tin Foil Hat For Cats


Does your cat exhibit odd, unusual, or strange behavior? Does your cat act as though you don't exist? Does your cat stare blankly into space? Are you afraid that HAARP & Gamma Rays, Electromagnetic Fields, RFID Implants, or DOG ESP is affecting your precious feline?


Your cat may be mind controled by the goverment or aliens from a galaxy far, far away. Chic conspiracy theorists agree that the Tinfoil Cat Hat is the answer. 

  • Tinfoil hat for cat
  • Comfy felt lining
  • One size fits most cats
  • Mind controlled  cats love it (maybe)
  • Perfect for cat lovers!
  • Comes in illustrated box
  • Size (box): 4" x 7" x 1" (10.16 cm x 17.78 cm x 2.54cm)


Warning: Do not leave pet unattended with hat. Do not let pet chew or eat hat. This product is for cats only. This hat is for fun. Your cat will probably still exhibit weird behavior after use. Don't use on cats who hate wearing hats and are prone to seeking vengeance on their human roommates. 

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