Tripazoid Psychedelic Art Journey

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Tripazoid Psychedelic Art Journey by Art by Deborah Camp
She closes her eyes and lets her dream rise to the sky. The dream of being an artist as she lets nature's paint palette take over from her imagination. Doors open from all sides with the rise of the sun and the moon as it rains upwards. This is the land where nonsense makes sense for your senses. A land where butterfly pencils and snake paintbrushes come alive and thrive to defy logic. "I Love Art" is spelled in the flowers as one of her arms takes the shape of a tree and her fingers morph into rivers flowing as a mermaid rises up the stream of consciousness towards her shoulders that carry the mountains of the weight of the world. A tiny seedling grows from her brain fed by the rain of endless creativity. Makes a fun gift for someone that loves finding all of the hidden stories within this psychedelic 1960s inspired portrait.

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