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Welcome to the Masquerade by Art by Deborah Camp
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a theatrical tale of a soul that splits in 2 for all of you. She lives within the music box of her mind as she gets lost in a fantasy bathed in rainbows and cheer for all to hear. She rises from the chambers of her mind with the whim of a wind. Luminosity radiates from the fragile chandelier, candles and the stage lights while she struggles to hide the residual darkness that resides inside. Her perfectionistic tendencies cast a spell over her psyche and like clockwork she spins with beauty and grace to perform her delicate artistic opera with her hidden face. She hides her stress behind a mask with her vibrant inner dreams of ideal reality that she paints as this duality. She wears a smile for endless miles but underneath cracks form as she feels the pressure to perform. Art is her escape; music is her muse; she is eternally prolific so that she will not lose. Overly critical of herself she watches from the balcony of the inner self. She is a living dichotomy of dark and light as she performs creating artwork day and night. She aspires to inspire as she balances on the high wire. The staircase spirals all around as the curtains billow like walls of endless sound. Candlelight flickers as she prepares to ascent towards the staircase of success but first, she must put on her bright happy dress. The clock ticks backwards as it goes back to a time when this performer didn’t need to wear her mask all of the time. A funhouse mirror distorts her reflection as this part of her strives to achieve perfection. Her soul divides with kintsugi gold cracks, enhancing the beauty of her broken past that she is free from at last! One cannot be eternally happy or sad or bitter, elated or even mad. The enchanting masquerade shows how we need all of the emotions to perform a symphony that can make waves in the ocean!

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