What Lies Beyond the Window Pane? by Art by Deborah Camp
She looks through the window pane with her haunting eyes of a dream that keeps her mesmerized. A dream of breaking through to the other side of this pristine clear glass that keeps her trapped inside the cold, dark shadows of her past encased in a blanket of snow that sends chills down her spine. She longs to be a free spirit and send a cascade of creativity all over the world with her magical paintbrush. A fragment of her soul holds onto this hope and reaches out to herself to help her down trodden spirit cope. Her spirit has been broken by the incessant serpentine bullies of her past that spewed venomous words and made her the outcast. They haunt her waking hours and invade her dreams but this time she has stood up to them by following her heart and her dream by escaping to her fantasy land that is colorful and serene. She dives in head first and finds herself on the other side battling the negativity that resides in the corners of her mind as it hisses to thrive. The book of her life is opened to this page where the battle is going in for art, love, and creativity to eternally flourish as it becomes nourished! The spine of her book morphs into a ladder as an alternate way to climb out of the pits of despair to show that there are multiple ways to prosper when one is determined to get out of there. Ideas grow in her fertile mind as they float off into uncharted heights ascending and making a difference in this world beyond the logistics of space and time.

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