Stay cool all year long with this t-shirt by Amanda Flagg.
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Frigid Refrigeration by Amanda Flagg - Get free worldwide shipping today!

Keeping a cool head requires lots of air conditioners in your house and a central cooling system that works at the flick of a switch, but if you’re having a hard time chilling out maybe it’s time to call Gotham City Refrigeration.


Founded by a scientist in 1973, GC Refrig is the name you can trust to bring the freeze to your house once again, and their systems blow so cold you might find penguins trying to move into your mansion!


Riddle me this- what’s better on a hot summer day than a cool blast of conditioned air? Nothing, that’s what, and you’ve gotta be a total joker with one too many bats in the belfry to pass up our amazing subzero package, it blows so cold you can start your own cryogenics lab!

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