I Find Your Lack of Mask Disturbing


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I Find Your Lack of Mask Disturbing by Mike Jacobsen

When a brash and emotionally disturbed young space warrior gave himself over to the dark side he had no idea it would cost him his good looks, and force him to wear a mask for the rest of his life.


But wearing the same mask day in and day out can get a bit boring, and it sure would be nice to have a variety of styles to choose from, one appropriate for each intergalactic war in the stars.


Clown mask? Good for scarring the minds of the innocent, or twisting balloons with your mind. Hockey Mask? Very retro horror chic, and sure to cause nightmares.


But the scariest mask of all time has to be the Groucho glasses, complete with nose and comedic moustache, now that’s a mask worthy of being worn by a lord of darkness into battle.

Sale Price: $24.95
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