Tarbosaurus. Body weight. Length. Height. by Moona
We drew this dinosaur specially for our kid's app "Ginkgo Dino". Tarbosaurus lived during the Late Cretaceous period (over 70 million years ago). It’s the Asian step-brother of T.rex. Tarbosaurus was slightly smaller than T. rex, but this didn’t make it any less terrifying.
To study Tarbosaurus’s brain scientists created a mold of the inside of the skull. This helped to them determine how different parts of the ancient animal’s brain had developed. Such studies show that Tarbosaurus had poorly developed visual brain structures, but the structures responsible for the sense of smell were highly developed. This suggests that Tarbosaurus couldn’t see very well, but perceived smells perfectly. So how did it hunt? Be sure, he did! Tarbosaurus was 100% carnivorous – just take a look at its teeth! However, the more new scientific techniques are developed to study these ancient reptiles, the more questions come up:=)

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