I AM NOT A NUGGET tee by YesterCool

Many are convinced that chickens are a healthy option to eating pigs or cows. But poultry is far from an ideal health food. Not only is chicken potentially damaging to one's health, eating chicken supports a truly barbaric practice.

Yestercool's resident vegetarian, Wiley Green, urged us to develop this splendid design. He wants more people to understand that chickens are not the answer to the world's, or even this country's food shortage or dietary needs. Because we’ve genetically modified chicken, they now carry up to 10 times more fat than they did a century ago. In fact, there’s a number of cuts of beef that have less cholesterol-raising saturated fat than chicken. More chickens are raised and killed for food than all other land animals combined. These sentient animals who have their own social hierarchies, form friendships, and love and care for their young, are forced to spend their lives in total confinement. The slaughterhouses that prepare them for us to eat release large amounts of waste into the environment, polluting land and surface waters, posing a serious threat to humans.

We offer this design to serve as a reminder to help you second-guess chomping on those nuggets. Don't be a nugget; and don't eat the nuggets.


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