I Choose You by Ten Tenorio
What if Nurse Joy eventually came around to Brock? She does, in this alternate world scenario where Brock is about to be frozen alive, encased in Carbonite.

In the original scene of course it's Han Solo who first curved Leia with that "I know" line which has perplexed female audiences for years. I know?? I KNOW?? But she gets him back with it later before pulling a 180 pivot and shooting some Stormtroopers. All is fair in love and Pokemon.

Created to look like a page torn right out of a manga that never existed, Nurse Joy declares her love to Brock in the only way one does to a Pokemon trainer. The olden days of mechanical halftones intermix with UV bright colors to make any f*ckboy or f*ckgirl's heart swoon with romantic vibes.


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