Trump Jr. Loves It by Ten Tenorio
You've heard it all over the news, Trump Jr. apparently loves it. Loves what? It's both clear and uncertain what the official statement will eventually be. Whenever the White House staff are expected to provide answers they pivot like fidget spinners.

Anyway, anticipate some heat from a good portion of your fellow Americans for wearing this politically charged tee shirt. You'll get it the most at rallies, your uncle's barbecue, and many other anxiety-loaded situations where people are blissfully enjoying their day until you arrived.

Another good place is at your local fast-food restaurant! For a more tailored effect, wear it in the Kiwi Green or Turquoise colored tee. Pose as fake employees and hand out free samples of the new McBorscht pies. They're about as American as apple pierogies or so I've heard.

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