Be a Hero: Sikh

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Be a Hero: Sikh by Moona
We created this illustration specially for the series of our children's apps Moona Puzzles and Peekaboo Moona. In total, we have 14 bright heroes (Knight, Chinese warrior, Pirate, Samurai, Native American, Cowboy, Spartan, Viking, Sikh warrior, Amazon, Grenadier, Masai). We studied how each warrior looked like and drew our own historically accurate vision.
Sikhs are followers of Sikhism, a religion that originated in India. Most Sikhs are primarily connected by their common religion. While Sikhism was originally a peaceful religion, religious persecution led to the need to fight back to be accepted and to defend those who were oppressed, which turned them into a warrior nation. Warriors underwent a long training, that was physical, mental and spiritual. They were very good horsemen and used weapons such as the Talwar, a kind of curved sword, but also bows, spears, daggers...
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