Highly Illogical


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Highly Illogical by Warbucks Design

Only an extremely logical being, one whose mind is able to draw one million logical conclusions per second, can call someone highly illogical and make it stick.


This little brickheaded fellow may not look  like the most logical of beings, but his mind is constantly forming building blocks into stunning arrays, and figuring out the logical loopholes contained within someone else’s sieve-like theory.


The only big bang Sheldon is familiar with is the mental explosion that occurs every time he comes up with a groundbreaking new theory, and for that he allows himself a moment of celebration and a new action figure, but otherwise Sheldon tries to remain totally logical and extremely aloof.


If you've created a groundbreaking new theory of physics, discovered a new chemical element, or did good at school or work, then what better way to celebrate than getting this Highly Illogical T-shirt by Warbucks Design?

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