The Droid You Were Looking For by Ten Tenorio

"These aren't the droids you're looking for."

"Who said I was looking for droids? Are you saying I *shouid* be on the lookout?? Now that you mention it, I will. Thank you citizen. License and registration please. You got a permit for that droid?"

This is how it could've gone down for Obi Wan that day at the routine traffic stop but thank God (or The Force) it didn't. But as the Stormtroopers eyed them, C-3PO's circuitry raced and an inner monoogue unraveled.

"What about that special droid I'm looking for? Threepio gets no love on this dusty planet or cloud city or any space port he ends up on. I'm practically made of gold."

Time will tell that he's been Wookin' for love in all the wrong places. Our favorite gentleman service droid should've been at Nebel Plateau romancing the lovely Magearna. Bless her little Soul-Heart.


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