Ash Revived by Ten Tenorio
Hey folks, fyi there's no crossover element here. Just pure reaction to what I've been hearing about the new Pokémon movie.

The stateside release of Pokemon 20 "I Choose You" due to open this 2017 in early November will present a new or modified origin story for our man Ash Ketchum (also known as Satoshi in the original Japanese release) and his beginning journey with the adorable and world-famous Pikachu.

This art was crafted to address a particular change in events from Season 1, Episode 1 which bloggers and YouTubers have expressed concern. Yet the movie continues to rate very high on Rotten Tomatoes despite the fundamental differences.

All I can say is: Prepare yourself for the feels once again. This full feature film will test the tough-guy merits of Pokémon fans young and old.


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